Scale Models Built by Heller Davis

All of the engines below were machined and built by my father (Heller Davis).  Some of the engines are purchased as a rough casting kit and a set of blue prints.  A lot of the smaller parts on the engines are machined from round and/or flat stock. Some of the engines are machined completely from rough stock (No Castings) just blue prints.  If you think you might be interested in machining and building a model engine see the suppliers pages on this website. 


RV_Heller_Davis_6.JPG (43512 bytes) R&V_Heller_Davis_(1).JPG (96605 bytes) R&V_Heller_Davis_(3).JPG (88562 bytes) R&V_Heller_Davis_(1).JPG (54872 bytes) R&V_Heller_Davis_(1).JPG (53951 bytes)
Root & Vandervoort 5/16 scale model of a full size 4hp engine. Casting kit produced & sold by Rocky's Model Engines.


Allman_Heller_Davis__1.JPG (115686 bytes) Allman_Heller_Davis__2.JPG (112729 bytes) Allman_Heller_Davis__3.JPG (168399 bytes) Allman_Heller_Davis__4.JPG (157310 bytes) Allman_Heller_Davis__5.JPG (131302 bytes) Allman_Heller_Davis__6.JPG (105121 bytes) Allman_Heller_Davis__7.JPG (90498 bytes)
Allman 1/3 scale model, Casting kit produced & sold by Debolt Machine. Casting kit no longer available.


IHC_Tom_Thumb_Heller_Davis_2017_11.JPG (56102 bytes) IHC_Tom_Thumb_Heller_Davis_2017_6.JPG (48732 bytes) IHC_Tom_Thumb_Heller_Davis_2017_7.JPG (51200 bytes) IHC_Tom_Thumb_Heller_Davis_2017_2.JPG (56233 bytes) IHC_Tom_Thumb_Heller_Davis_2017_3.JPG (77846 bytes)
IHC_Tom_Thumb_Heller_Davis_2017_4.JPG (74116 bytes) IHC_Tom_Thumb_Heller_Davis_2017_8.JPG (84558 bytes) IHC_Tom_Thumb_Heller_Davis_2017_9.JPG (86409 bytes) IHC_Tom_Thumb_Heller_Davis_2017_10.JPG (79756 bytes) IHC_Tom_Thumb_Heller_Davis_2017_5.JPG (44669 bytes)

Casting kit produced by Midwest Model Engineering and is a 1/2 scale of a 1908 1 hp IHC Tom Thumb. Casting kit no longer available.





Gearless_Vertical_Aircool_Philip_Duclos__1.jpg (59194 bytes) Gearless_Vertical_Aircool_Philip_Duclos__2.jpg (52002 bytes) Gearless_Vertical_Aircool_Philip_Duclos__4.jpg (51299 bytes) Gearless_Vertical_Aircool_Philip_Duclos__3.jpg (61951 bytes)

This model is a vertical gearless air cooled engine designed by Philip Duclos, drawings published in Home Shop Machinist magazine. The gearless design  is similar to the olds gearless engine.




Wood_Pecker_Model_Heller_Davis__1.jpg (79694 bytes) Wood_Pecker_Model_Heller_Davis__3.jpg (71733 bytes) Wood_Pecker_Model_Heller_Davis__2.jpg (56384 bytes) Wood_Pecker_Model_Heller_Davis__4.jpg (51763 bytes) Wood_Pecker_Model_Heller_Davis__5.jpg (50002 bytes)

This Woodpecker model is a 1/3 scale of the a 2 hp full size engine. Patterns & casting kits were originally designed &  produced by the late Richard Shelly. Kit's are now being sold by MiniCastings.


The photo's below are of a 1/5 scaled down version of a full size Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp 18 cylinder radial engine. Although every detail is not exactly to scale it is close enough to impress most. Prints are sold by Lee Hodgson at  The radial engine below was machined and built by my father (Heller Davis) from all raw materials with exception of one aluminum domed shape casting on the back of the engine. Materials used: Cylinders: L12 leaded steel, Pistons: 2024 aluminum, Rods: 6061-T6 aluminum, Rings: Cast iron, Valves: stainless, Most internal parts stainless, Bearings: ball & bronze.  Engine spec's: 1. inch bore, 1.125 inch stroke, 6.7 to 1 compression ratio, 15.90 cubic inch displacement, 260. cc's,  Horse power unknown, Weight: 18.750 lbs,  Engine measures 11.250 inches in Diameter, 12.500 inches in length, Five main bearings. Oil System: Pressure oil pump, fully pressurised main bearings, fully lubricated cam drive gear, dry sump with scavenger pump.  Prop size: 32x10 two blade.  1,100 hours of machining and building, Completed in just a little over five months. Started at the end of April finished the first of October, 2011.  

The full size R-2800 was used to power several types of fighters and medium bombers during the war, notably the US Navy's F4U Corsair, with the first prototype Corsair becoming the first-ever US fighter plane to exceed 400 mph in level flight during October 1940, the Corsair's naval rival, the Grumman F6F Hellcat, the US Army Air Forces P-47 Thunderbolt, and the twin-engined B-26 Marauder & A-26 Invader. Over 30 different planes used the R-2800 engine.

Progress as of April 2011.
18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_001.jpg (45835 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_006.jpg (61360 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_007.jpg (39489 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_003.jpg (46903 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_010.jpg (51383 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_009.jpg (50320 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_008.jpg (46326 bytes)

Progress as of June 5, 2011
18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_011.jpg (43540 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_012.jpg (46615 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_014.jpg (45659 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_039S.jpg (68945 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_040S.jpg (57857 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_015.jpg (46251 bytes)   
18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_016.jpg (103895 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_020.jpg (42885 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_017.jpg (61967 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_019.jpg (58327 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_018.jpg (32094 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_021.jpg (31803 bytes)

Progress as of July 10, 2011
18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_027.jpg (98104 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_030.jpg (252896 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_029.jpg (247402 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_022.jpg.JPG (126444 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_023.jpg (116497 bytes)
 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_024.jpg (295439 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_025.jpg (310162 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_026.jpg (309039 bytes)

Progress as of August 07, 2011
18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_035S.jpg (92899 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_032S.jpg (340418 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_036S.jpg (378686 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_038S.jpg (288089 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_033S.jpg (304510 bytes)

Progress as of September 17, 2011
 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_043S.jpg (315873 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_042S.jpg (111073 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_051S.jpg (110278 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_049S.jpg (380478 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_044S.jpg (113387 bytes) 
18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_046S.jpg (133721 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_047S.jpg (290778 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_048S.jpg (154184 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_060S.jpg (104234 bytes)
18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_059S.jpg (80662 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_062S.jpg (260296 bytes)
 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_055S.jpg (64180 bytes) 18_Cylinder_Radial_Heller_Davis_2011_056S.jpg (279476 bytes)


Finished & running October 1st, 2011
Daytona_Turkey_2011_8.JPG (101987 bytes) Daytona_Turkey_2011_6.JPG (66399 bytes) Daytona_Turkey_2011_2.JPG (109989 bytes) Daytona_Turkey_2011_7.JPG (104917 bytes) Daytona_Turkey_2011_1.JPG (121646 bytes) Daytona_Turkey_2011_5.JPG (206925 bytes)
Daytona_Turkey_2011_4.JPG (157418 bytes) Daytona_Turkey_2011_3.JPG (130201 bytes)

YouTube Video


Aermotor_2.JPG (33444 bytes)  Aermotor_3.JPG (28637 bytes)  Aermotor_5.JPG (273529 bytes)  Aermotor_1.JPG (45324 bytes)  Aermotor_6.JPG (41494 bytes)  Aermotor_7.JPG (203117 bytes)   

Aermotor 3/8 scale model of the original full size engine that was manufactured by the Aermotor Co. Chicago, Illinois. The original full size engine was designed to run a water pump just like you see in the photos. Casting kit model of the engine and water pump produced by a company called Pieces of 8 Cycle. 


     Bremen01.JPG (65120 bytes)             Bremen02.JPG (37558 bytes)              Bremen03.JPG (61489 bytes)

Bremen Caloric hot air engine. The original full size engine was manufactured by Bremen Mfg Co. Bremen, Ohio.


Callahan_2.JPG (58680 bytes)         Callahan_3.JPG (58503 bytes)         Callahan_1.JPG (47587 bytes)         Callahan_4.JPG (50229 bytes)   

Callahan_7.JPG (32238 bytes)    Callahan_6.JPG (62515 bytes)     Callahan_5.JPG (63722 bytes)

Callahan Original full size engine was manufactured by W.P. Callahan & Co. Dayton, Ohio. The model casting kit is produced by Cooper Tool & Machine Co.  Flywheel diameter is 11.312, bore is 1.500 X 2.770 stroke with a sideshaft cam.  It is a cam stopper engine. When the engine is up to speed the governor disengages the camshaft with the exhaust valve open and when speed slows the shaft is engaged by the governor. This is how the speed is controlled.  Four cycle engine and water cooled.


Canfield_1.JPG (47075 bytes) Canfield_2.JPG (64701 bytes) Canfield_3.JPG (53086 bytes) Canfield_4.JPG (69823 bytes) Canfield_5.JPG (57962 bytes) Canfield_6.JPG (61342 bytes)

Canfield original full size engine manufactured by Canfield Gas Engine Co. The model casting kit is produced by Debolt Machine Inc.  It has 8 inch flywheels, 1.25 bore x 2 inch stroke. It is a sideshaft engine and a four cycle engine. Water cooled. Has two exhaust.  Exhaust valve and rear exhaust port. Flyball governor.


Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_1A_Model_Heller_Davis_10.JPG (36742 bytes)       Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_1A_Model_Heller_Davis_7.JPG (50355 bytes)       Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_1A_Model_Heller_Davis_8.JPG (47167 bytes)       Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_1A_Model_Heller_Davis_12.JPG (46603 bytes)       Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_1A_Model_Heller_Davis_13.JPG (34056 bytes)      Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_1A_Model_Heller_Davis_14.JPG (48674 bytes)

1/2 scale Fairbanks Eclipse #1A  model casting kit produced by T&S Model Engine Works. Original full size Eclipse engine Manufactured by Fairbanks & Morse Co. Beloit, Wisconsin.


Fairbanks_N_2.JPG (56872 bytes)     Fairbanks_N_5.JPG (37075 bytes)     Fairbanks_N_3.JPG (44172 bytes)     Fairbanks_N_4.JPG (33870 bytes)     Fairbanks_N_1.JPG (48426 bytes)

Original full size Fairbanks Model "N" engine Manufactured by Fairbanks & Morse Co. Beloit, Wisconsin.  The model casting kit is produced by Tom Stuart.  It is a one sixth scale of the 25 hp engine.  The flywheel diameter is 9.875 with a 1.500 bore x 2.500 stroke.  It is ignitor fired and water cooled.



Fuller_Johnson_Ed_Chick_Kit_Built_by_Heller_Davis__2.JPG (90703 bytes),/a>   Fuller_Johnson_Ed_Chick_Kit_Built_by_Heller_Davis__1.JPG (98483 bytes)

Fuller & Johnson built from Ed Chick castings. (No longer available).  It is a 1/3 scale of the original hit & miss governor engine. 2" bore x 2-3/8" stroke. The flywheels are 9" in diameter. Hopper cooled and ignitor fired.


associated1.jpg (16863 bytes)        domestic1.jpg (15116 bytes)    young1.jpg (13458 bytes)   

The first model on the left is a Associated Hired Man. The castings are from Paul Breisch & Sons Model Works. (No longer in business). It has a 1-1/4" bore x 1-5/8" stroke. Flywheels are 6" in diameter. It is hopper cooled hit & miss style.  

The second model from the left is a hopper cooled Domestic side-shaft model is made from Russell Snyder castings. It is ignitor fired hit & miss design and the flywheels are 9" in diameter. It has a 2"x 2" bore & stroke. It is a 1/2 scale model of the 1-1/2 hp. original engine.

The model on the far right was built from Ted Young model castings as advertised in Model Tec magazine and purchased from Ted Young. Dave Farmer did a building series of articles in the Model Tec magazine back several years ago. It is hit & miss design with sparkplug ignition, hopper cooled with 5-3/4" diameter. flywheels. It has a 1-1/4" bore x 1-7/8" stroke. It is a free lance design. Not of any particular known engine. 


File0005.JPG (101732 bytes)
       File0006.JPG (101920 bytes)       File0007.JPG (74783 bytes)       File0003.JPG (144210 bytes)

The International Mogul castings are from Ed Chick and are no longer available.  It is 1/2 scale of a 1 hp. engine.  It is throttled governed engine with 10" diameter  flywheels.  It has a 2" bore x 2-1/2" stroke. It is also ignitor fired.




IMAG0088.JPG (85454 bytes)    IMAG0089.JPG (82482 bytes)    IMAG0090.JPG (82028 bytes)

Mogul_Pacific_Model_Design_11.JPG (65291 bytes) Mogul_Pacific_Model_Design_7.JPG (67379 bytes) Mogul_Model_06_J.C.Davis.JPG (29264 bytes) Mogul_Pacific_Model_Design_9.JPG (93434 bytes) Mogul_Pacific_Model_Design_8.JPG (68851 bytes)

This kit is produced and sold by Pacific Model Design, Bob Bromps. It is a 1/4 scale model of a 4hp Mogul side shaft tank cool engine. 


File0009.JPG (93816 bytes)      File0013.JPG (42567 bytes)      File0021.JPG (44949 bytes)     File0019.JPG (98304 bytes)           

1/2 scale of a 2 Hp Fairbanks Morse "Jack of all Trades".  This engine is one of four prototypes that were made but never sold as kits due to the large size & weight. Castings produced by the late, Ed Chick.

YouTube Video



Gallaway_2.JPG (45685 bytes)     Gallaway_3.JPG (41100 bytes)     Gallaway_4.JPG (58790 bytes)     Gallaway_5.JPG (44376 bytes)     Gallaway_1.JPG (33174 bytes)

Galloway 1/3 scale of the 5hp engine. The original full size engine was manufactured by William Galloway Co. Waterloo, Iowa.  Model casting kit produced by Richard E. Shelly & Sons.




Gray_1.JPG (53161 bytes)              Gray_2.JPG (52542 bytes)              Gray_3.JPG (55690 bytes)  

1/3 scale model of the 6hp engine. Original full size engine manufactured by Gray Motor C0. Detroit, Michigan. Model casting kit produce by Cooper Machine & Tool Co.



Hagan_3.JPG (71988 bytes) Hagan_4.JPG (59950 bytes)  Hagan_6.JPG (71042 bytes) Hagan_5.jpg (115883 bytes) Hagan_2.JPG (56772 bytes) Hagan_1.jpg (124338 bytes)
Hagan_11.jpg (102711 bytes)  Hagan_9.JPG (63912 bytes) Hagan_10.JPG (58470 bytes)  Hagan_7.JPG (61031 bytes) Hagan_8.JPG (69053 bytes) 

Hagan 1/2 scale model of the 2 hp engine. Original full size engine was made by Hagan Gas Engine Manufacturing Co. Winchester, Kentucky.  Casting kit model produced by Cooper Tool & Machine Co. The model has a 1.850 bore x 2.770 stroke. Flywheel diameter is 11.187 inches. Carburetor is fed fuel by a chain.


Nanzy_1.JPG (35581 bytes)             Nanzy_2.JPG (27888 bytes)            Nanzy_3.JPG (33416 bytes)   

The Nanzy model is built from Russell Snyder castings. It is air cooled hit & miss with spark plug ignition
and has a 1-1/8" bore x 1-3/4" stroke. Flywheels are 6" in diameter and it is a half scale version of the
original engine.


PantherPup_2.JPG (65739 bytes)         PantherPup_3.JPG (35802 bytes)        PantherPup_4.JPG (70446 bytes)        PantherPup_1.JPG (65312 bytes)                 

Panther Pup is a four cylinder, four cycle, air cooled engine built from Bill Reichart castings. It has a 1
inch bore X .875 stroke, splash oil system and overhead valves.



Perkins_3.JPG (41458 bytes)       Perkins_2.JPG (27552 bytes)        Perkins_1.JPG (26033 bytes)        Perkins_4.JPG (25968 bytes)       Perkins_5.JPG (23793 bytes) 

Perkins_Air_Cool_HD_Davis_001.JPG (272654 bytes)       Perkins_Air_Cool_HD_Davis_002.JPG (307391 bytes)       Perkins_Air_Cool_HD_Davis_003.JPG (51843 bytes)       Perkins_Air_Cool_HD_Davis_004.JPG (42510 bytes)

Perkins 1/2 scale of the full size tank and air cooled versions. The original full size engine was manufactured by the Perkins Wind Mill Co. Mishawaka, Indiana.


Erickson_4.JPG (46536 bytes)          Erickson_1.JPG (31220 bytes)           Erickson_2.JPG (28842 bytes)           Erickson_3.JPG (57564 bytes)            

The Ryder Ericsson is 1/4 scale of the full size engine. Casting kit model produced by Myers Model Engine Works. The flywheel is 8.875 diameter. Propane is used to heat the hot end in firebox. Water cools the top end.


Starite_1.JPG (61763 bytes)         Starite_4.JPG (61313 bytes)        Starite_2.JPG (62382 bytes)         Starite_3.JPG (54932 bytes)          \

The model is a Starite 1/3 scale of a full size 6 hp engine.  The patterns were made by a Canadian man who scaled down  his original full size 6 hp Starite engine and had a friend who was a foundry worker make the castings.  I think there was four sets made. My Dad and his friend machined and built all four engines.  Two of the four finished models were for the Canadian man. The models were built from photographs and critical dimensions taken from the original 6hp engine. We had no prints at all.  It is hopper cooled, spark plug ignition, hit & miss with 1-3/4" bore and 2-1/2" stroke.  The flywheels are 8-1/2" diameter.  I don't believe the casting kits are available.




Monitor_1.JPG (31634 bytes)           Monitor_4.JPG (58329 bytes)           Monitor_2.JPG (28893 bytes)           Monitor_3.JPG (23767 bytes) 

Baker (Monitor) 1/3 scale of the 4hp engine. Original full size engine produced by Baker Manufacturing Co.  Evansville, Wisconsin. Model casting kit produced by Pacific Model design. Model has a 1"-5/8 bore x 2" stroke.



Radial01.jpg (110614 bytes)      Radial03.jpg (73750 bytes)       Radial02.jpg (76230 bytes)       IMAG0083.JPG (102429 bytes)

Radial engine is a seven cylinder built from plans in Strictly Internal Combustion magazine. The engine is called "The Jemma".  Bore is .750 x .800 stroke. It is a 4 cycle engine and uses spark plugs, not glow plugs. The top end is lubricated by mixing two cycle oil with the fuel. The bottom end runs entirely in sealed ball bearings and needs no lubrication. It swings a 20 inch prop. at 6000 rpm. Completely scratch built.  No castings used machined from raw materials.



        Stickney_6.JPG (57615 bytes)  Stickney_1.JPG (52991 bytes)  Stickney_2.JPG (66096 bytes)  Stickney_5.JPG (68295 bytes)  Stickney_3.JPG (34343 bytes)  Stickney_4.JPG (73189 bytes)      

This Stickney is a 1/3 scale model of the fullsize 1-3/4 hp engine. Casting kit produced by Bill Debolt castings. (Kit's No longer available). It is hit & miss hopper cooled, ignitor fired engine with a 1-1/4" bore x 1-3/4" stroke. It has 8-1/2" diameter flywheels. Has very unique governor and ignitor trip mechanism. This kit was machined and built by my father Heller davis.



HotAirTractor02.JPG (53654 bytes)         HotAirTractor03.JPG (57570 bytes)        HotAirTractor01.JPG (58605 bytes)

Stirling tractor was built from plans in Home Shop Machinist magazine. Uses alcohol for fuel and is water cooled.


red1.jpg (19292 bytes)  StuartTurner8_1.JPG (56029 bytes) StuartTurner8_2.JPG (56312 bytes) StuartTurner8_3.JPG (45930 bytes)

StuartTurner10H_1.JPG (64272 bytes)    StuartTurner10H_2.JPG (62446 bytes)    StuartTurner10H_3.JPG (60934 bytes)    WalkingBeam_2.JPG (30848 bytes)    WalkingBeam_3.JPG (27153 bytes)

The little blue horizontal steam engine is a model 10H from Stuart Turner castings. The green
horizontal steam engine is a model #8 from Stuart Turner castings. Engine on the bottom right is called a Walking Beam Steam Engine. Original full size walking beam was used to run ships.  The walking beam  & the red steam engine casting kits were purchased at a swap meet with no blue prints & no information. The Stuart Turner casting kits can be purchased through Stuart Models or Morrison Miniature Machines.


Steam2Cylinder_3.JPG (42214 bytes)                 Steam2Cylinder_2.JPG (36856 bytes)                Steam2Cylinder_4.JPG (51121 bytes)                Steam2Cylinder_1.JPG (39624 bytes)

Two cylinder vertical steam engine model was built from plans in ModelTec magazine. Has poppit valves (cam operated) for the intake and ported exhaust.  Built from bar & flat stock.