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Abbreviations: DEW = Detroit Engine Works.  WMC = Wadsworth Manufacturing Co.  DMCSC = Detroit Motor Car Supply Co.  CEC = Columbia Engine Co.  MSBC = Michigan Steel Boat Co.  DBC = Detroit Boat Co.  SMPC = Standard Motor Parts Co.    CPMC = Caille Perfection Motor Co.  MEC = Middleditch Engine Co.  BGEC = Bessemer Gas Engine Co.    T&MC = Termaat & Monahan Co.     PWI = Petoskey Iron Works. 


Detroit Engine Works
and related information

  Detroit Engine Works History  
Wadsworth Mfg. Co. Litrature
Identifying Engines & Parts
DEW Wiring Diagram
Tip's for starting your Detroit
DEW Stationary Engine Photos
DEW Stationary Engine Literature 
DEW Stationary Engine Operation
DMCSC Stationary Engine Photos
 DMCSC Stationary Engine Literature
CEC  Stationary Engine Photos 
CEC  Stationary Engine Literature
MEC Stationary Engine Photos
MEC Stationary Engine Litierature
BGEC Stationary Engine Photos
BGEC Stationary Engine Literature

DEW, DMCSC, CEC, MSBC, Engine Registry
CPMC  Stationary Engine Photo's
CPMC  Stationary Engine Literature  
T&M Stationary Engine Photos
T&M Stationary Engine Literature

Arthur Colton Co. Photo's

Arthur Colton Co. Literature

Nelson Bros. 4 Cycle Engines, DEW Tag
Standard Motor Parts Co. Literature.

Marine Engines

DEW Marine Engine Photo's 
DEW Marine Engine Literature
DEW  Detroit Gear & Standard Gear
DMCSC Marine Engine Photos
DMCSC Marine Engine Literature
CPMC Marine Engine Photo's
CPMC  Marine Engine Literature
Related? Marine Engine Photo's
Related? Marine Engine Literature

CEC Marine Engine Photo's

CEC Marine Engine Literature
T&M Marine Engine Photos
T&M Marine Engine Literature

DBC Literature
MSBC Photo's

MSBC Literature

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